Our hearts are full…

My heart is so full after today; Georgia, Julio, and I went to the hospital for Arkan’s admission!

He will be having a diagnostic cath tomorrow to plan for either a therapeutic cath, which the doctor is optimistic he will be able to have, or a surgery. Some days are long draining days of waiting, but even though we waited a few hours for a room for him, it was a wonderful time in the process.

He had his echo, met with the doctor, and had his x-ray finished all within a half hour! After that we went to go get ice cream and played different games to kill the time, we often took funny selfies and made jokes, Arkan and I even had a short race to see who was faster (the results were that he was four seconds faster than I was).

We then went back into the hospital and Georgia and I went to visit the other children in the ICU. Then we went to check if his bed was ready, and even though it was still a little early, that did have his room prepared!  The nurse came in to ask some questions, and then it was time for us to go, and white honestly Julio, Georgia, and I all expressed that it was hard to leave Arkan and his dad! Today was so special, getting to spend quality time with them is a gift, and Arkan is a like a little brother to us.

Please pray that a therapeutic cath would be possible and for God’s peace to be with Arkan during this time. When the doctor spoke with us after the echo, his father said, “All we can do is pray,”

……….and he is right, so please join in praying for safety, hope and peace for wonderful Arkan.