Our Lawi……

Today the hospital sent Lawi back to Jaffa before he has to return tomorrow evening for more examinations and an MRI scan.

As we were waiting in the small hospital room, Lawi’s dad started talking to me. We started talking (between his English and my very few Kurdish words) about his job, his family, his life in Kurdistan, my life in the UK. I was really struck by the difference in our cultures and our backgrounds.

It was a reminder for me again of God’s perfect timing. It was lovely to be able to spend that time talking and looking at pictures in the waiting. I find it so easy to miss those moments, being impatient for the end result. Yet sometimes they are the most important.

Please pray that God will give the doctors wisdom in this coming week as they do more tests. Pray for his peace to be with Lawi, his dad and their family back in Kurdistan who care so dearly for them.