Our little angel

Back in November, our beautiful Malak visited Sheba Hospital for a follow-up echo after her hospital discharge in October, almost three months after her big surgery. Malak and her lovely mother have been in and out of Sheba since Malak was just a few weeks old. In that time, everyone who met those two, fell in love with this beautiful, joyful girl and her funny, caring mother. It was a delight to meet Malak’s mother in the hallways of Sheba and spend time with her whenever we had a free minute.

Last Friday we received word that beloved Malak passed in a hospital in Gaza. News like this is very hard as none of us expected her to die. She fought her battle for so long and in the end was able to return home. Coworker Doro shared with us something Malak’s mother said the day of Malak’s big surgery knowing that Malak was in a critical condition:

“If it’s better for her to go, it is that she doesn’t have to suffer on this earth. Death is very difficult. I’m very afraid that I will never see her smile again, but we wish mercy for her. She is a very weak and beautiful being at the same time.”

Death is difficult and we often don’t see the reason behind the death of a child, but on the other hand it’s God caring for his children calling them into his holy presence, where there is no space for pain and suffering. Malak is home now. The name Malak means “Angel” in Arabic. In her time here on earth, she was our little angel and brought so much light into this world just by her presence. Through Malak, so many of our coworkers were able to meet a wonderful mother and build friendships with her. Malak brought so much joy to everyone who was able to meet her. She was loved by so many people and will stay in our hearts.

This time brings so much grief and pain especially for her family. Pray for them that they will feel assured of God’s unending love for them. Pray for strength in this time and that one day they can rejoice again. As it is written in John 16:22:

“So with you: Now is your time of grief, but I will see you again and you will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy.” Our little angel will wait until we will meet her again.