Our little artist

From the moment she arrived it’s been obvious creativity flows through Asmaa’s veins. From the crayon pot to the toy box, she’s fascinated by the world of colour around her; and you can’t help but be drawn in with her. Since Asmaa’s return to Jaffa, the little artist in her has really started to shine. Now full of energy, she is one of the first out of bed in the morning, ready and eager to play and explore. It’s such a wonderful feeling to be greeted by her broad smile and invited to join her games.

This week Asmaa’s been painting, doing chalk art, and I even found her playing a board game with Khalid’s dad! It’s so wonderful to see how much stronger and energetic she is now – a world away from the girl we knew before. The biggest difference is probably how talkative she is. Before her surgeries she seemed very quiet and reserved, barely speaking to anyone; now it feels like she never stops talking! Quite the life of the party, she knows everyone’s name.

Yesterday I tried to play a “ring-toss” game with Asmaa. Within minutes, she managed to dismantle it entirely and turn it into a car – we had so much fun racing round the room in the cardboard box. Even more than she loves to play, Asmaa loves to explore and come up with new ideas.

I am so thankful to see this huge change in Asmaa and to know our little artist is in the hands of the great Artist.