Our little explorer

Chubby one-year-old Sineor is charming everyone he meets. He is learning to walk, though he doesn’t yet have enough confidence to go more than a few steps on his own. However, he will run off at great speeds while holding onto my finger. He really enjoys going up and down (and up and down again) the three stairs between the kitchen and the livingroom in our Jerusalem Guesthouse.

He is learning to talk a little bit, so when I start counting the stairs in Kurdish: “Yek, Do…” he will triumphantly finish, “Sey!” And then he wants to do it all over again. When he gets tired of the stairs, he will play with duplos – or with my glasses – or explore all the drawers and cabinets in the kitchen.

Today when we went to the old city, he was scared by the crowds. A young Muslim woman gave him a candy to cheer him up, and he held onto it for the rest of the day, becoming very upset whenever he dropped it. We love this sweet boy!

The surgeon at Hadassah hospital is on vacation for two weeks, so Sineor can’t have his surgery until he returns. However, I’m definitely not going to complain about having this cute boy in our house for a little longer! Please be praying when he does have surgery that all will go well, and that he’ll remain stable until then.