Our Little Patient Noora

Today, we did not visit the hospital for a cardiac appointment. This time, we headed to the children’s department of Orthopedics. Unfortunately, Noora has limped since she learned to walk and she also squints. The cardiologist sent us to the orthopedic specialist at her last and first appointment to find out about her overall wellness by examining her bone structure.

When we reached the reception, there was already a large amount of children waiting for their appointments. We joined them and really had to wait a long time. During this time, Noora and I became good friends. We played with small motorcycles, explored the waiting area, took pictures, talked with her Dad via video call, but also just sat and waited. She is a really cute and trusting girl. After a long time of waiting, the orthopedist finally called us in. After talking, letting her walking before him and examining her hips. He told us his results. Noora was born with a dislocation of her right hip. She will have another appointment with the orthopedist next Thursday. They will also do an x-ray on this day. After the results, they will have a meeting with two orthopedists, Noora and her guardian to talk about her options. In general, this dislocation will not hinder her having her cardiac surgery before treating her hip.

Please pray for little Noora and her grandmother, as she may need orthopedic treatment in addition to her cardiac surgery. Please also pray for the doctors, who do have to plan and cooperate. May God give all of them peace and patience, especially her family.