Our little “Schlingel”

It is the day after little Mohaned gave us so much worry and we rushed him to the ER at Sheba Hospital. I am happy to report that he was smiling today during our visit, he didn’t look so ill. I could take Mohaned in my arms. We played with each other. He loved it and was laughing.

But sometimes his mood changed. When he started to cry , he chucked his pacifier to the floor. In German, we have a word for such a rascal, it is “Schlingel!” Our little Mohaned is a bit of a Schlingel, but precious just the same.

We could get a lot of information about Mohaned’s condition. The doctors said his lungs are not doing well. He will stay in the hospital over the weekend and they will discuss a possible new Catheterization for him.

Please keep praying for him and his mother.