Our little warrior

Today was a big day for Dahen: he went into his surgery! He has DORV (double outlet right ventricle) which means that the wall between his left and right ventricles is non existent. So the surgeons wanted to close this big hole today.

Dahen was picked up from his room very early in the morning and was brought to the surgery preparation room. I was meeting him and his lovely mother there and against my expectations, he barely seemed to be afraid. Sometimes, when his mother stood too far away, he searched for comfort in her arms, but mostly he played with me. We had a really fun time together and it felt good to take away some of the tension from his mother. But as soon as the paperwork was done and his surgeons were all there, he was brought to the surgery room. I wasn’t allowed to go with him, but his mother was there for him until he fell asleep.

From then we had to wait for several hours. It was really hard for his mother, she was crying a few times and barely spoke a word, always watching at the door, waiting for her sons surgeon to tell her that the surgery was over. And after already four hours he came. He let us know that everything went well, they could close the gap and they were about to close his chest. Dahens mother cried, she hugged me and immediately called her family to tell them those good news. This moment was so precious and priceless, seeing a mother full of true joy is a pure, peaceful feeling full of love.

After hearing this good news, we were going upstairs to see our beloved boy again. He looked really good and peaceful, without the bandage and all those wires you would never believe he just came out of an open-heart surgery. For now he is really stable; he had some fever this afternoon, but it’s nearly disappeared now. The doctors want to extubate him tomorrow if possible.

Please pray for Dahen to recover really well without any complications, and that he can be extubated tomorrow. Also let us bring Dahen’s mother before the Lord, that he will give her peace and some rest after this long and exhausting day. Let’s also gather in thanking our Father for the surgeons, that the surgery went well and for all the staff in the pediatric ICU, who’ve been taking care of our little warrior!