Our lovely Israa


Our lovely Israa had her long awaited catheterization today! The doctors said she had  quite a complicated heart and gave them a lot to talk about, so please be in prayer for the team of cardiologists who will treat her. The anasthesia wore off very fast, and in a drowsy state in between waking and sleeping she was already fighting to remove the oxygen band around her thumb. She was very hungry and upset, but the nurse said she could only have a little bit of milk, which didn’t satisfy her. There were a few minutes when she was calm and had closed her eyes as I stroked her hair, but eventually she would always turn over and cry for her father.

Shortly after this, we were given the okay to give her a full bottle which soothed her and made her sleep. We hope tomorrow she will come home! When we left, her dad came down to the outside but within a few minutes the secondary ICU called Georgia to bring him back because Israa had woken up and was crying! This is sometimes difficult for families because it’s very demanding, but it also grows and deepens the bond, in this case, between father and daughter.