Our miracle off the ventilator

Today I met as usual Somaia’s mother somewhere in the hospital comforting other mothers whose kids are in surgery. She told me joyfully that Somaia is doing well and the doctors are planning to move her to the secondary ICU. I didn’t really believe this until I talked to her doctor who told me that Somaia is off the ventilator day and night since three days!

They are starting to prepare her discharge to Gaza and plan to move her to the intermediate ICU today or in the next days. This is such a big step for our girl. Since more than nine months, every time I walked into the ICU, Somaia was there too. How great if she will finally be able to move to a different ward. I can’t wait to see Somaia in her more private room in the secondary ICU and to visit her there! Thank you God for doing this miracle and bringing Somaia so far! It’s such a proof that it’s worth never giving up hope!