Our own music therapy

Our beautiful Soso is already outside of the Hadassah ICU. Yesterday she was moved to a pediatric area. She is isolated with her grandmother, waiting for a new echo-cardiogram which will help in her doctor’s decision for the next procedure, either a catheterization or a reparative surgery.

Soso’s grandmother is worried because Soso is not sleeping well,  is restless, and most part of the time crying. As soon as the doctor came in, she started to speak to him in Arabic, communicating her concerns. Because the doctor also spoke English, I could ask him about Soso’s status as well. He said this is normal behavior, especially since she has been under sedation up until yesterday, her body has needed to eliminate all the anesthesia; sleeplessness can sometimes be one of the side-effects of anesthesia, not to worry.

Even when this grandmother is kind and patient with Soso, it can sometimes be difficult to calm this little one.  Today we tried playing music while grandma held Soso’s hand. As Soso was taking her bottle, the music was working perfectly.  Even grandmother was getting sleepy, but then she decided Soso was needing a blanket. She stood up to get the blanket and Soso started to cry again. Music therapy ended! Maybe we’ll try again next time.

Please continue praying for Soso and her grandmother, specially for the anesthesia effects over Soso, and for the next Echo when doctors will decided the next step for this beauty.