Our personal clown

Little San is already staying with us in the Jerusalem guesthouse for over a week now. We knew immediately that he has more energy than any other child before. It is really fun to spend some time with him since he is never getting tired of discovering his surroundings. Sometimes it can also be a bit exhausting because with an age of almost four years, he still has a lot to learn.

For example, he loves to climb or to take random stuff he finds (for example my scarf) with him and to make him stop is really difficult. But in the last few days, I found a little trick: he loves to be in someone’s arms. So every time I want to prevent him fooling around, I just take him in my arms and carry him around with me. He really likes it and it is also kind of fun, taking him everywhere and showing him what he can do and what he shouldn’t (for example touching the hot oven). He seems to learn a bit from it so I’m really curious how our next time together will turn out.

Moving into the new guest house will probably make it really hard to keep him under control, but I’m sure God will help us to manage that. Let’s give thanks to our Father, that he has given San so much energy and curiosity! Please ask him for enough energy for his mother, who is exhausted every now and then, that she is able to deal with his power!