Our prayer is to dance with Gashbin again

A few days prior to Gashbin’s surgery, on the night of the حفلة, or the celebration we held for one of our children’s departures to Kurdistan, Gashbin danced the night away. Her presence illuminated the room. After a couple hours, Gashbin did not cease to dance even though she was the only one with enough energy to dance. Gashbin often wore purple clothing, which seemed to intensify her violet-tinged lips. She also often wore a playful smile. So the contrast in her appearance before and after the surgery was drastic.

Yesterday, after Gashbin was transferred from the operating room to her room in the cardiac intensive care unit, it was strange to not be greeted by Gashbin’s playful smile. The surgeons were able to complete her fenestrated Fontan surgery, which is the final surgical stage of her single ventricle palliation plan. However, she lost a great amount of blood during the surgery and thus her blood pressure decreased significantly, leaving her in a critical state. Upon her transfer, the medical team was supporting Gashbin through mechanical ventilation, plasma replacement, and blood pressure pharmacological support. Her mother diligently prayed for Gashbin’s life, as did many around the world. As Joela mentioned in the previous blog, the surgeon stated that the next 24 – 48 hours were critical in assessing how her body would recover from the surgery.

Today, it was wonderful to see Gashbin look at me with her beautiful brown eyes. Though she did not playfully smile, it was encouraging to see her improvement.

Her mother was comforted by the change of the color in her lips, which were no longer violet. Gashbin even engaged in slight conversation. The medical team was able to successfully extubate her, which means that her respiratory function improved. The nurses also discontinued one of her blood pressure support medications, which is another sign of improvement. Though she still in on pharmacological and oxygen support, please continue to pray for God to give her strength to heal.

Our prayer is to dance with Gashbin again, in response to a rejoicing and grateful heart.