Our Princess Iman

Our princess Iman had her post surgery follow up today. The doctor was happy with the results from her surgery, and scheduled another echo in two weeks, which, if she continues to improve, may be her last one before returning home to Kurdistan! Iman’s mum goes all out in comforting Iman for echoes- she sits on the table and places Iman in her lap, she has videos, a bottle, and toys ready to keep her from crying so that the doctor can get a good picture!

‚ÄĆAfter her appointment we waited for another little one, Mohammed Salah from Dohuk, Kurdistan, to be admitted for his catheterization, and also we waited with Asmaa’s grandmother, another Kurdish family, as Asmaa was in surgery. The mother of Iman is always a good support to have near, having not only walked through this recently herself, but also her personality is well suited to reassure and comfort others.

I walked with Iman in her stroller for a while as she eventually fell asleep (and woke up soon after). Really both Iman and her mum were very patient and putting others before themselves in their patience. Any day with these two is very special.

When it came time for us to go, once again, while we were outside the operating room, we looked like a family congregating by the way we interacted with each other. I love those moments when you witness the deep connection that is so often ineffable.