Our Strong and Beautiful Warrior

Our beautiful Dleza had to be admitted to the hospital once again. After her unstoppable joy of being able to leave the hospital, her reality crushed again. Due to the many medicaments Dleza had to take, she had to throw up very often. The moment she started vomiting blood, our team couldn’t find a better solution than to bring her back to the hospital. Hearing the news Dleza was very sad but accepted the decision bravely. Still, Dleza was not alone in this situation, our lovely families accompanied Dleza to the car and waved her goodbye. It was incredible to see that even though Dleza misses her own family a lot, God provided a new family for her here in Shevet.

Since Dleza wasn’t very pleased with being in the hospital the last time, I was very worried that she might be very sad to be there again. But our brave girl conquers this circumstance like a warrior. When we visited her today we were welcomed by a smiling Dleza. Her smile lit up the whole room and my heart. Dleza was not beaten down by the fact that she had to be in the hospital, she kept her hope and joy. It was so encouraging to chat with her and we were able to joke around a little. It showed a small portion of normality for which Dleza fought. We were able to make her smile even more, when we showed her presents that were sent to her from America. I couldn’t help but admire the strength of this young woman. She has had to go through so much at such a young age still, Dleza keeps smiling and being joyful over the little things. Dleza is a strong warrior fighting against her disease and whatever comes along with it. She is amazingly created by our father in heaven who loves her so deeply.

Please pray that Dleza will continue to be this happy and joyful and that she is able to go back home very soon.