Our times are in His hands

A few weeks ago the Alyn Rehabilitation Hospital in Jerusalem allowed the lovely mother of Asmeen to have a a little bit of rest for one day and take some rest for herself while her little Asmeen is admitted there.

I took her to our Jerusalem Guest house where some of our other Kurdish families have been for some time. She was very happy to see all of them and enjoyed they their time together. Afterwards, she was able go to the old city, visit the Mosque and get some shopping in. It’s the first time she’s been able to go outside of the hospital for about four months!

She has now returned to the hospital so today, co-worker Margarita and I visited Asmeen’s mother there. Even though she is a very strong and lovely woman, she is struggling so she cried during our visit. We told her we know that this whole time must be very difficult for her and she agreed and said she also misses her husband back in Kurdistan. We tried to encourage her that everything is in God’s hands and that we can and should trust in him. That calmed her down. She said she knows this to be true and is thankful for it.

She is very tired, but she needs to continue to wait for the Lord and who knows how long? So please pray for new strength and patience for this lovely woman and her cute Asmeen, for each new day.