Our young architect

Today Azhan was feeling very well, only three days after his surgery at Hadassah Hospital in Ein Kerem. He was already sitting up in bed, smiling, and talking. His uncle, who lives in America and speaks English well, is visiting him and he is very pleased to see Azhan looking so well.

Azhan had some building toys that the nurses had given him, and he and I spent a long time building tall towers on his bed. The doctors say he’s recovering very well, and that he could be moved to the pediatric ward in less than a week. They are decreasing his pain medication and want to watch how he reacts to that over the next few days. He seems to have a lot of energy, and not to be in so much pain. When his mother told him that he should take a rest after playing, he shook his head and didn’t want to lie down. But when I left, he happily waved goodbye to me before closing his eyes.

Praise God for his recovery! Please pray all will continue to go well for him.