Our young boy Saida

116 days after arriving in Israel, waiting for Saida to grow in order to safely undergo his congenital heart defect surgery and after weeks of waiting for him to recover from various challenges along his hospital journey, the cardiologist joyfully delivered the news that Saida would finally be cleared to return to Kurdistan. Many hugs and words of congratulations were exchanged.

Saida grows every day. Upon his arrival, he weighed 3.4 kilograms. Today he weighed in at 5.3 kilograms which is wonderful progress. His mother showed us photos of Saida at the park and also when he recently turned 6 months old. Saida is becoming a young boy who smiles often and who dearly loves how his mother softly sings to him. Our prayer is that he would continue to grow and to flourish, physically and spiritually.

Please pray for Saida and his mother as they explore Jerusalem on Tuesday. May they find truth that allows them to flourish in hope, peace, and love.