Out of the ICU

I saw Raied’s mum following a bed being wheeled through the Cardiology Department this morning at Sheba Medical Center. She called to me, and said that they were moving to a new room.

When I later came to visit them, I found they had been moved into the newly re-opened Intermediate Cardiac ICU. There are not too many patients there yet, and therefore also not too much staff. Yet still, it was a real pleasure to see a familiar nurse there whom we have worked with many times. As ever, she was helpful, welcoming and very kind. Raied’s mum was feeling a bit anxious about being the only Arabic speaker in the department at the moment.

For me it was a big blessing to be able to see Raied face to face for the first time as this department is not so restricted as the ICU. I sat with him for a while, and thought how lovely it is that hopefully the end of their time in hospital is in sight.

Although he has the nasal cannula for oxygen, the oxygen supplement was switched off today, and Raied managed to maintain a good saturation. He is drinking milk slowly, and overall is doing well. Mum is happy, and also hopeful that she may be able to soon return home to the rest of the family with him.

Thank God for this big step forward.