Oxygen saturation 98%

Most days at Shevet have a plan and a structure, but once things get going and you are in the middle of a busy hospital day, God is so kind at putting the things before you which must be done.

In this case, we were in exactly the right place at the right time to see Mira and her father arrive at Sheba Hospital and to take them to their Echo-cardiogram. Apparently Mira’s dad had already notified all his friends who are still at the hospital about the appointment today, so there were many happy reunions as we arrived to the cardiac floor! This was so great to witness and was one of my favorite moments of the day.

Mira did very well in her Echo, the technician was able to capture over 100 images of her heart. The Cardiologist informed the father that her heart is in a very good condition and for the moment Mira doesn’t need further intervention, but this will be re-evaluated when she comes in two month f’s time for another Echo. Her father was very happy to hear of his daughter’s health and to see her oxygen saturation was at 98%!

After this, we went across the hallway to a consultation with the Geneticist who spoke at length with Mira’s father about the genetic mutation Mira has, and how it can be predicated in other relatives. The Geneticist was very kind and understanding that what she was communicating was new for him and not the easiest information to understand, but she communicated everything with clarity and compassion.

We will see Mira again in two months for what will basically be a repeat of today: an Echo-cardiogram and genetics consult. Please pray for Mira to continue to progress and grow, and for their family as they care for this lovely girl.