Oxygen saturation at 99%

Shireen has recovered from her heart surgery so well that she has now been moved into the Pediatric Cardiac ‘Intermediate’ Intensive Care Unit of Sheba Medical Center. Her heart is looking very well, and the nurses were all pleased to tell me about it, as it was a big surgery, and was unusual to be doing such an operation on a girl who is two and a half, rather than shortly after birth.

Thank God; He has brought her here in His own perfect timing. Shireen’s mother, although tired, looks like a big weight has been lifted now that Shireen is looking beautiful with a post-surgical oxygen saturation of 99%.

Shireen has had a fever and was vomiting today and yesterday. When I saw them today, the blood and urine test results were not back yet, but Shireen was receiving IV fluids and started taking antibiotics. Please continue to pray for Shireen, that this would clear soon and that she would be feeling well.