Oxygen support and some discomfort

Today in our visit to Sheba Hospital, we found our little Hussein walking slowly through the hospital’s hall with an oxygen tank. The reason for his oxygen support was that during the night and in the morning, his oxygen levels dropped to 88%.

In the morning, we saw a clown who had already become Hussein’s friend. He tried to walk faster to hug her, but because of the pain, his movements are limited. It’s good to see Hussein’s  recovery and healing every day.

In the midday, we saw that Hussein’s mom makes friends easily. One of them took us into a music and art room.

The hospital staff thought it would lift Hussein’s spirits. We spent a good time there; Hussein was trying his music skills on the piano the way he does in our community house.

However this time, a bit less joyful and active because of the pain.

Please pray for Hussein’s completely recovery.