Pacemaker placed; chest not closed yet

This morning the medical team at Sheba Hospital planned to fit Eva was a permanent pacemaker and close her chest – preventing infection and allowing Eva to further heal.
Before the procedure we were told it would be two hours at most.

So when over two hours had passed, we were all concerned. Eva’s mum was particularly fearful and distressed at the thought of Eva being placed on ECMO. She spoke with doctors impressing upon them that she would not allow Eva back onto ECMO.

While Eva was still in theatre, we heard news that Eva’s oxygen levels had dropped very low, the surgeons were trying to identify and correct the cause of this. After more hours of waiting and praying, the surgeon informed us that they replaced one shunt however they were still unsure why Eva’s oxygen levels dropped so low. Praise God, Eva’s oxygen levels improved in the theatre. However still lower than desired and unstable.

The pacemaker insertion was a success, however due to the unexpected issues with oxygen and the further invasive treatments, they were not able to attempt closing Eva’s chest.

We are grateful and thankful for the Lord preserving Eva, but continue in prayer for her great needs and those of her mother.