Pacemaker Replacement

Today we visited Riham and her mother. The last couple of weeks have been very difficult for Mom. She had panic attacks with vomiting, dizzyness and headache. At times it was heart breaking so see Mom being so desperate. But today when I visited Riham and her mother, she was smiling and telling me that she was okay. I was so pleased to see her in a good spirit. We have been praying a lot for her and Riham.

Riham has a pacemaker but there has been an infection. She also can’t swallow because of brain damage and is depending of feeding by tube. She therefore has a nasal tube but the nasal tube can o my be used your several months. If she depends on this feeding than she will need a PEG tube in her abdomen. The pacemaker sits than on the wrong place. This replacement of the pacemaker is needed to be able to place the PEG tube. She therefore went for surgery. She did well and after two hours she was back in ICU. We pray that she will recover well. She also had a cold and runny nose. She is so adorable and it’s so sad to see her helplessness. May God restore her to show His power to all of us.