Pacemaker Surgery

Throughout the day, Rafif seemed to be the topic on many of the ICU staffs minds. Each person I met during the morning shared a little more about the need to move quickly forward soon with Rafif. In the morning her surgical plan was not decided, it seemed the surgical team needed to take her to theatre and see how she responded to know how best to proceed with treating her.

After some hours, Rafif returned to the ICU from theatre. The doctors had inserted a pacemaker for her heart. I see many babies daily at Sheba but I did feel particularly struck by just how small this precious little baby looked in comparison to her big room of equipment and space all designed to keep her alive.

This in many ways is a good picture for us and God, we are so small and hopeless without the Father until we start to realize the expanse of his hands he holds us in as we heal and grow and the goodness of the Holy Spirit flowing through our veins.

Please pray for Rafif at this fragile time, that she will be completely healed and she would feel God’s presence all around her.