Painting away the time

I visited Shahad and her father at Sheba Hospital today. It is always lovely to see them and I look forward to seeing what Shahad has been doing with her time.

Paint has been this week’s theme. Shahad was very happy to see me and show me all the cool things she has been working on.

I talked with her doctor about how the trial medication swaps were progressing. Unfortunately, so far the medication change has not helped at all. The doctor is planning to sear the area of the heart where the rogue electrical irregularities are coming from. This will be performed through a Cath procedure in the next few days. The doctor said it was the most stubborn case he has dealt with, but he is not giving up hope.

Father you knit us together in our mothers womb and you know our bodies like no one else does. Please give the doctors wisdom and understanding that can only come from you.