Papa’s care

Toleen was awake this morning when we visited her at Sheba Medical Center; in fact, her father was trying to give her a bottle.  She has not had any further seizures, and she is off supplemental  oxygen.

Like most small babies who have gone through heart surgery at a few days of age, she isn’t yet quite sure how to coordinate sucking and swallowing. While visiting, I was able to hold and feed her a little bit, show papa some baby-holding and bottle-feeding techniques, and encourage him that both he and she will get better at this process!

It is quite apparent that Toleen’s papa has not done these baby-care activities before (which is perfectly normal in this culture).    It is even more obvious how much he adores his precious little daughter!  Tender and careful, a bit fearful that she will “break“ or that he will hurt her, slowly learning to diaper and feed.

It’s a beautiful and touching sight… so much like the tender care that our Heavenly Father gives us when we are newly born into Christ