Part One Done

Yesterday was Marya’s surgery day. Suhail and Yousef arrived early in the hospital to be with the Mother. Marya went to the surgery room at 8:00. It was a very long operation. Mom was doing fine. She had Palestinian mothers around her to speak Arabic with. It’s a blessing to see how the moms are getting along while being in the hospital. All with their own sick child whom they are worried about. And they all seek comfort in one another.

After almost 7 hours the surgeon came out and shared the details with Mom. Sadly Marya is already a bit to late for a repair of her heart defect in one operation. They made an arch from the aorta to the lungs and a transposition of the arteries. Because there is now more blood flow to the lungs, the pressure is also higher in the lungs, which they will regulate with medication. She will need another surgery in the future to complete it. Mom was pleased that the operation was successful. Now we hope and pray that her body will cope with this new situation.

This morning I phoned the hospital and asked about Marya’s first night. They said she was stable but intubated for another day.

Please pray with us for this little girl. May God give healing to her and pray for strength and peace for Mom.