Parting is such sweet sorrow

Today we started out full of hope and anticipation. Today was Sarjon’s follow-up echo appointment at Sheba Hospital after his surgery. Sarjon arrived to the hospital ready to explore whatever today would bring.

Sarjon’s mum was a little nervous about today but was hoping and praying it would bare good news. The ECG went well and Sarjon moved on to having his Echo.

Well this is where the day hit a snag and began going sideways. Sarjon decided he was very scared of the Echo process and nothing his mother or I could do made it possible for us to get Sarjon to cooperate. It is always difficult seeing a child in so much distress. Eventually it was decided that he would need to be sedated for a proper echo. After being sedated, the doctor was finally able to have a closer look at Sarjon’s heart.

Praise the Lord for the doctor’s willingness to persevere, as this lovely little man and his mum finally received the news they have been so longing to hear. It’s time to go back to Kurdistan. I must admit I was elated, but then my heart sank as I looked at these two wonderful people I have grown to love dearly and now know they will be leaving.

Yes they will be leaving a large hole in many of our hearts, but we rejoice in the knowledge that home with their family is where they belong. So yes parting is sometimes sweet sorrow and never easy. Lord please watch over them as they return home to Kurdistan and bless them richly.