Patience for a CT Scan

Today our beautiful and smiling Ozhen had his first assessment at Sheba hospital. I took him and his Mom to the echo room. While we were waiting he really enjoyed the games at the hospital. During the echo, sweet Ozhan was very quiet at first, because his mom gave him milk and I put on music. But when the milk was gone he began to cry. I tried to keep him calm which was a little difficult but thank you Lord, we got it. His Mom only speaks Kurdish so I called one of our translators and she could answer all of the questions that the doctor had.

After that they did an ECG, chest x-ray, and vital signs. The doctor told us that she confirmed his diagnosis, but she thinks she we’ll have more information after the first CT scan and than decide on the surgery. She thinks that hopefully he only will need one surgery. For now the next step is to wait for the CT scan appointment. Please pray we get an appointment soon and he can have his surgery soon. Also pray for patience and peace in the mom’s heart in this time far away to home.