Patience is worth it and a bit more needed

Lovely Asmeen has grown a lot. She and her mother are still in Sheba Hospital due to their need for medical support people who can be with them when they are traveling back to Kurdistan.

Asmeen needs support from a ventilator machine to help her with her breathing. Her mother is having a beautiful attitude in the whole situation. She has mentioned the long waiting time on a few occasions. But I think we all can understand it cannot have been easy to be so far away from your home, and in a country in which you don’t know the language.

The hospital staff is lovely and caring as always, and it really is a privilege to work with them. Asmeen’s mother is doing really well and she already knows a lot of Hebrew and English now. We all love this woman and her little Asmeen. Co-workers Colin and her husband Nate are planning to travel to Israel on Tuesday. They will be Asmeen’s medical escorts. This is really good news.

Please pray.