Patient father needs some rest

Today I visited little Mohammed and his father up on the fifth floor of Sheba Medical Center. This cute baby boy was sleeping when I came into their room and his father wanted to go outside for a bit of fresh air.  So I offered to stay with Mohammed.

I could observe him and saw that his monitor signs were good. But his father also told me, as he came back to us, that the night was not so nice or restful, that Mohammed had a light fever and some emesis. This meant that Mohammed’s father, of course, could not sleep very well during those long hours.

Now, thank God, the little boy is better and resting. His father feels very tired and he would like to have some rest from hospital-life as well. The condition of our lovely baby is unchanged however. He is still getting some of his nutrition via nasal-gastric tube because Mohammed is yet unable to eat enough of what he needs.

We give this situation to our heavenly Lord! Please keep praying for Mohammed and his caring father.