Patient in the disappointment

Lia had an echo at Sheba hospital today; we were all hopeful that this could be the final check-up for Lia before returning to Kurdistan. The doctor saw quickly on the echo that there is some fluid build-up around her heart. It’s a problem for her, as she has just weaned off of a medicine which helped this. The doctor recommended that she restarts this medication again, and therefore prefers that she stays for another echo at the start of next week to see that the medicine is helping her again.

It was not the outcome that Lia’s mother had hoped for today. It isn’t just that she is still unable to return to her family in Kurdistan, but moreso that that Lia is not recovering as well as she had hoped for. Lia is so precious to her mother and it’s not nice to think of Lia continuing to be unwell, even if on the outside she seems to be in a wonderful condition. We have in fact seen a big change in Lia in the past week or so, becoming more chatty and confident, eating everything and generally always being in a happy mood.

Lia’s mother did not let the disappointment of today’s appointment prevent her from making a beautiful cake to celebrate the happy departures of some other Kurdish children, leaving in the coming days. Lia’s mum is very talented and creative. She also spent the rest of the afternoon making beautiful beaded necklaces as gifts for us.

We also hope that Lia and her mother will be able to go and spend a few days at our guesthouse in Jerusalem tomorrow; as there is time now. God knows the best timing for them to return safely to Kurdistan.

Please pray for Lia as she starts again on her strong medication.