At ten o’clock in the morning, we received a call with the news that Neena would have her Glenn surgery tomorrow. While her mother packed their bag for the hospital, a few of us took our turns playing with her.

 Before she left Jaffa, we all gathered together as a community to pray for Neena and her family. We prayed for peace for her family. On the way to the hospital, I asked what emotions Neena’s mother was experiencing. She said that she was not afraid or fearful.

Neena loved playing at the hospital.

She brings us so much joy and has a contagious smile.

She did not enjoy the different tests as much, but after her tests she quickly recovered and resumed running around the hospital. She was so tired later that she fell asleep in the waiting area. Her mother carried to her hospital bed and she slept soundly.

Throughout this whole admission process, I could feel the peace of God encompassing us all. We continue to pray for a holistic peace, and a blessing of wholeness and harmony.