Peaceful Huda and her patient mother

The young loving mother and her peaceful little daughter Huda had to come back to the hospital today for an Echo-cardiogram. This was done very quickly after we arrived at Sheba Hospital.

What took a long time, was waiting for the doctor. We waited for three hours. But this was no problem for Huda and her patientmother. Neither of them complained that it took so long. Only Huda started sobbing occasionally. But of course her loving mum was right there and took wonderful care of Huda by holding her or feeding her with milk. She even thought of Huda’s medicine herself at the right time. It is very impressive to me how well her mum takes care of her and it seems as if she has had many children before, but Huda is her first child. Every time she looks at her little girl, her eyes and face light up with love, which can be seen and felt even behind the mask.

After the doctor arrived, he apologized kindly and looked at Huda or listened to her. Huda’s response to the Echo was good and the doctor ordered her medicine to be slowly reduced. Peaceful Huda needs to come back in two weeks for another Echo.

Praise the Lord that she is recovering so well. Thank you for all your prayers for little Huda and her mum. Please continue to pray for a gradual and good recovery.