Peaks and valleys

The God who constructed mountain peaks that surpass the height of clouds, and the God who designed depressions of valleys that surmount even the depths of the sea, also created Fathi.
Fathi’s journey thus far has been challenging, yet God has sustained his life. From the emergency transfer from Gaza to one attempted surgery, then undergoing another surgery and developing an infection which prevented the surgeons from closing his chest. The infection resolved and his chest was closed, but a few days ago we received news that he had developed sepsis– a systemic infection that was affecting his the functions of his organs. Fathi has been persevering and fighting for his life. From the updates we were receiving, it seemed as if he was at his lowest point, with his body bruised and his eyes weary. Even on the mountain’s edge or at the valley low, God is with Fathi.
Today God provided precious time with Fathi, even if it was only stroking him and telling him how much we all loved him. I apologized for not loving him with all the love that he deserved, and only God can provide this perfect love. He responded well to touch and to voice, responding with eye blinks and minimal movement of his little fingers. I am thankful for this time with him, as it is impossible for me to disregard the fact that he is made wonderfully by God.
My heart desires to entrust Fathi’s life completely into his Father’s hands. At this point of surrender, my hope was rekindled. Regardless of the outcome or the challenges of his journey, I trust that God is still good and sovereign. Through every joy or sorrow, through light and dark, God is with Fathi.
Within the last 24 hours, Fathi has shown signs of improvement. Even the slightest bit of improvement is encouraging. His liver function has slightly improved, but his kidney function is still unwell as he is not producing urine. However the doctors have not seen more growth of bacteria, and they have even been able to slightly decrease some of the medications supporting his heart.
Fathi is still in a critical condition. Please continue to pray for Fathi and his family, as well as all those who are caring for him diligently in the hospital.