Petitioning with thanksgiving

As co-worker Georgia and I arrived at Sheba Medical Center and made our way to where little Ziad was, we discovered that Ziad was just being extubated. We can thank God for this, as he has had trouble being extubated in the past.

However after his cath yesterday, as well as during, he needed to be resuscitated; the second time, his mother witnessed it, which contributed to the fear she expressed today. It is too early to tell, but the doctor was positive about his ability to breathe without mechanical ventilation.

Georgia and I and his mum sat together; she had asked for a spice called ‘Zataar’ and Amar, one of our Gaza coordinators made sure she didn’t just have the normal supermarket brand, but instead procured the spice from a specialty store.

Please pray she can tangibly feel that she is not alone and that we love her in word and deed, and please also pray we can give an answer for the love we have received in Christ.

Thank you for praying for Ziad. I’m not exactly sure how prayer works, it will always be at least partly a mystery. Regardless of this, we are commanded to pray and to do so in the context of thanksgiving and in petition, and I believe our prayers have affected the preservation of Ziad’s life.