Phoning home

We spoke to Mahmoud’s mother on the phone today. She has been waiting for her baby to return home for a long time now. Thank God that there truly is hope, that when he finally is cleared to come home to Gaza, he will be healthy. The news about his heart, which has required three┬ásurgeries already, is very good! Thank God for this news. However, it’s going to be some more time until Mahmoud is able to be back with her as he has endocarditis, an infection of the heart. He is having medication for this via iv, and may be having this for quite some time.

It reminded me of how much a privilege it is to spend time with Mahmoud, as surely this must be the deepest desire of his mother. However, it is lovely to be able to share the joy of seeing him disconnected from all the tubes and cables, and his grandma bouncing him, telling us that he wants to play, not sleep in bed anymore.