Physical therapy session in Jerusalem

Today I went with Ahmed and his mother to Jerusalem for a physio-therapy appointment at a center. Ahmed slept the whole way there.

When we arrived at the Center for the Treatment of Autism, we found our dear friend Sukit already waiting for us with a couple from Kurdistan who helped with translation for the physio-therapist and Ahmed’s mother today. The whole staff has been extremely friendly and helpful to Ahmed’s mother, making sure that she understood everything that they were trying to tell her.

It was really nice to witness once again that the Israeli doctors treat Ahmed’s mother who is Muslim, with the same kindness and respect that they would treat a Jewish mother. It was beautiful to experience that and to know that God loves everyone equally.

Ahmed really loved the physio-therapist though. He was crying a lot before he had his physical therapy done, but then he sat on the lap of the physio-therapist who was very calm and friendly and Ahmed calmed down immediately.

He didn’t like his exercises, but he has to do them. Ahmed’s mother was wonderful, dealing really well with this situation which was completely new for her.  She thanked the staff there over and over again, even in English.

Ahmed is supposed to have his physio therapy on more occasions now, but they have to discuss the scheduling of this, and keep in contact with us about it. Ahmed’s mother has videos of the physio-therapy today, as she is supposed to do these exercises with Ahmed.

Please pray that she has the strength and wisdom to complete the therapy with Ahmed, as she has to apply what she’s learned and it is new for this lovely woman.