Planning to extubate

I found little Lava still intubated in her hospital room when I visited her today. Her lovely mother only speaks Kurdish and wanted to know how her Lava was doing.  One of the nurses told me that Lava is doing well so far after that big surgery and they are planning to extubate her in this next few days. They wanted to extubate her already today, but after a previous echo was done for her, they weren’t completely satisfied yet with the function of her heart. So they want to wait with extubating her for now.

This is normal for a child like Lava who underwent a big surgery just yesterday. Other Kurdish moms are often also in the ICU to help each other and provide each other a kind of emotional support. They have each other and can speak the same language. It is lovely to see how fast they always connect with one another. In the picture it is from left to right the mother of Asmeen, Lava’s mother and Yadgar’s mother. A great support ministry amongst themselves.