Plastic surgery soon

Jude will have an appointment with a plastic surgeon today to repair a needle wound sustained in early October during surgery at Hadassah Hospital. He also still has a bacteria and needs to be in isolation. Jude and his Mom need to wait in the room for the doctors to visit him, and evaluate the situation.

The doctors will decide the day when he will have the plastic surgery, they already confirmed that the surgical intervention is better if they will do it as soon as possible and not wait until after he will be discharged from Hadassah Hospital to Gaza. An appointment for the next weeks or month should be made because they think in Gaza this wound could get worse if it’s not treated properly.

Jude’s Mom notified the nurses about some change in Jude’s heart beat, they checked him and he seemed pretty normal. We continue to pray for his complete healing and wisdom for Jude’s doctors to decide for the next step.