Playing games

This afternoon at Hadassah Hospital in Ein Kerem, Jerusalem, Mohammed is clearly continuing to improve after his surgery last Sunday.

We found him today sitting up and out of his bed and playing games with the social worker, she and others offer each day different kinds of activities so that Mohammed can play and resume some activity during the day.

Mohammed’s chest drains have been removed and he’s starting some physical therapy to help strengthen his lungs.

The doctors at Hadassah have stressed the importance of taking things very slowly after such a big surgery. We’re hoping for Mohammed’s continued cooperation in all the ‘take it slowly’ requests being made of him. He also needs to begin eating more solid food. Until now, he has only been eating a lot of biscuits and some juice.

Thankful to God and to the staff at Hadassah for their excellent care of this young man and for Mohammed’s rapid recovery and improvements so far.