Playing with bubbles

Yesterday I had the opportunity to get to know Asmaa better. Together we painted on the balcony, and later in the day we flew a kite on the beach. I was so happy to see her smile.

Today I am extremely happy for that time because I had to go to the ER with Asmaa and her grandma. Last night she had a very fast heartbeat and jugular venous distention and couldn’t sleep. Her grandma was very worried so we brought Asmaa to the ER today. The beginning went very smoothly. The doctor decided to take an X-ray and to do a blood test. Brave Asmaa stood through it all and her strong grandma carried her from room to room.

Every time I looked at Asmaa to check how she’s feeling, I a got a nice smile as an answer. After we had done the test, waiting for results was our next task. So Asmaa explored the hospital’s indoor playground a little bit. I figured out how to steal a smile from her. She loved the song “Head and Shoulders”and “The wheels on the bus go round and round.” As I sang it for her she smiled at me and even laughed when I showed her how to do the moves. It was so nice to see her like this. Usually Asmaa is more a quiet girl and very focused on her grandma. But it seems like she is more open now and that fills me with joy. After a while we got com-pany from the rest of the hospital team and Georgia blew Asmaa some bubbles. She was intrigued and wanted to catch the bubbles and tried to blow them on her own. Grandma was very happy to see that and took many pictures.

Asmaa received some phone calls from her mom. As soon as she saw her, Asmaa started crying. That made me realize how stressful and scary everything must be for little Asmaa. I remember that I was sick once and my mom wasn’t there and all I wanted was to be with her. Of course Asmaa’s grandma is a huge support and gives everything for Asmaa but she just isn’t mummy and that is very difficult for Asmaa. I pray that we and especially her grandma will fill the gap and make her feel comfortable in these troubled times.

Around 4pm we talked to the doctor. He said her glucose levels are very low. So they gave her glucose to strengthen her body. They also performed an ECG. It didn’t show anything unusual for her situation. But because of her tiredness, the hard abdomen and her low glucose levels, the doctor decided to admit her to the hospital so they can check on her.

So we waited for a room. Times of waiting can be very exhausting and her grandma was getting very tired, but thankfully we had a nice nurse and she organized some food for her to strengthen her. Asmaa has been inhaling to open her lungs. Thanks to God she went quiet and finally feel asleep. Now she finally has been admitted to the hospital. She is staying there to find out if she has a virus or something else that is causing the fast breathing and high heart rate. The grandma is happy about the help and the room they are staying in.

Please pray for good decisions and wisdom for the doctors on Asmaa’s case. May God give healing and love to our girl and strength for her amazing grandma. They are in His hands, so there is no place that would be better for them.