Please keep praying

I first saw Rafif’s grandma today lugging along a huge bag. Her friend, Abdusalam’s grandma, was following along behind, also carrying some heavy looking bags. As they stopped to greet me, I saw Rafif’s grandma beaming with the relief that she is finally able to return home to Gaza.

The recommendation has come from the hospital, as little Rafif is expected to be sedated and intubated for some weeks, it is not necessary for her to be with her in the hospital. This beautiful lady has poured out her life for her granddaughter over these long months, diligently caring and hoping for her life. The staff at the hospital described her as a wonderful and sweet lady who is a pleasure to have had  as a parent in the ICU.

It was emotional for Rafif’s grandma to leave her grand daughter, and also the friendship which she has with Abdusalam’s grandma. The lives of Rafif and her whole family are in the wise and living care of God, please keep praying.