Pleased to Be in the Hospital

I was very pleased that Gabi was admitted to the hospital yesterday, after attempting to manage his oxygen levels which were dropping below 40%, and struggling to rise above 60% with the supply of oxygen. The hospital is a much better place for a little one with such dangerous oxygen levels, and I am pleased that he is in the excellent care of the staff there again.

So, there was also a feeling of familiarity as I visited Gabi in the secondary ICU today. I remember the weeks which he spent in that room last year, and sadly he is back again. His face was looking extremely swollen, however, he was in a reasonably happy mood. He was watching some videos on YouTube and laughing and sharing these with his dad. He also was happily eating some eggs and yoghurt. Its much better to see him in a good mood, and I enjoyed the time I spent with him and his father. They have a lovely bond together.

The doctor today explained to us that they would like to plan a catheterisation for Gabriel tomorrow, which dad consented to. Please pray for Gabriel, who is looking so unwell at the moment. Thank God for his wonderfully caring father, and the skill and compassion of the medical staff here in Israel.