Pleased to meet you, little Saif

I sat yesterday with co-worker Amar, our Gaza coordinator, as he told me about the newest urgent baby trying to come to Israel, Saif.

He was 22 days old when the family discovered the day before that he had a serious congenital heart defect, which should have been treated the day he was born.

Yesterday afternoon, as everything was being organised for him to travel via ambulance to Sheba hospital, Amar received a phone call from the doctors in Gaza saying that they didn’t feel he was safe to travel without first taking him into a catheterisation to save his life. It was an additional worry, as even these fairly straight-forward procedures can be somewhat dangerous to carry out in Gaza.

A few hours later, Amar brought our community the good news that “God is working,” reporting Saif was out of the catheterisation, out of Gaza, and into Sheba’s intensive care unit with his mother! Praise God!

Saif had assessments today, and now the doctors need to discuss and decide on a surgery plans for this little boy.  Prayers are appreciated for him.