Positive outcomes

Yesterday, Khalid had a very long day at the hospital waiting to be admitted for his cath, but he did finally get a bed in the secondary ICU! Today he was the third catheterization of the day, and when Georgia and I went to see him in the morning he was asleep. His dad was awake and sitting by his bedside, he has a very benevolent and warm demeanor. We are excited to see Khalid, like his father, become more comfortable here and be himself too!

The only time he was awake, was for a few minutes before his cath. The cath, which lasted for about an hour, was for diagnostic purposes. The doctors will now discuss the results at the conference next week. As we waited with Khalid’s father, another Shevet child from Kurdistan, Khonav, came out of her surgery and Khalid’s father was able to translate the good news of her successful surgery. I wondered if experiencing the jubilation of the end of an operation made him hopeful for the future of his son too. We truly pray for the same positive outcome for Khalid.