Possible CT scan needed before surgery

Last week Mohammed had his first assessment today, which was complete with an echo, a blood test and an X-ray. We mentioned that many things in medical work and in hospital life tend to require lots of waiting and patience. Then all of a sudden, everything happened at once. We waited long for the echo, and then had to rush down to the blood test clinic which closed in the afternoon, then we went to the X-ray department. Both Mohammed and his mum were wonderful that whole day.  She took the new environment and circumstances in stride.

Again today we went for another echo. The doctors will discuss the possibility of his needing a CT scan before surgery. His mum is lovely and eager to know any and everything about her baby. Mohammed is remarkably calm in echoes and even when he starts to cry, he is easily consoled.

Please pray for this lovely boy as he begins the process of treatment here.