Possible long-term antibiotics needed

Today coworker Michiel and I went to Hadassah Hospital to visit Loai. Loai is looking good, now weighing 2.900 kg.

For the administration of medication they had to create an IV on his head, as his arm proved too difficult. Then threee times, liquid was taken from his back (spine?), but we haven’t yet had an explanation for this as requested by Loai’s grandmother.

Later on however, Dr. Tehila gave us an elaborate explanation: there was infection in Loai’s blood and they were afraid that it would pass to his brain. Therefore three times a CSF (fluid from the spinal cord) was taken.

Until now the CSF is safe, revealing that it contained no bacteria.  Dr. Tahila, also said that the length of time the antibiotics will be administered is right now unknown, meaning it could last for weeks or longer. The doctor emphasized that this is a ‘long-term’ healing process. Yeah.