Possibly returning to Gaza tomorrow

Yazen might return to Gaza in the next few days, probably already tomorrow, as the hospital was asking to return him to Gaza in the next few days to free up a bed for an emergency child also waiting in Gaza. Yazen has multiple organ failure and severe neurological damage.

His grandmother asked me today if I could take a picture of them please and send it to her relatives in Gaza. At first I didn’t understand her and because she laid her hand on his head, I thought she was asking me if I can pray for him but then she asked me again and I took this picture of them.

I really like the picture. It shows that she loves him so much and even though she wasn’t asking me to pray for him, we should definitely do that. Let’s pray that when he is getting discharged from the hospital that he may arrive safely in Gaza as his parents surely are hoping to see him. It looks like the chances for him are quite small to survive. But that is in God’s hands.

So let’s trust in God as he is always providing what we need. Pray for strength and peace in the Lord for his grandmother and all of his family who surely truly love Yazen. Let’s trust our Father’s redeeming power, friends, both in this world and in the resurrection.